Mist - a Juniper company

Built better end-user engagement with innovative wireless technology

Scalable, measurable, and reliable AI-driven enterprise networks that revolutionise your retail or corporate environments.

Meet your customers and employees where they are.

Mist’s patented Bluetooth technology enables you to reach your customers and employees in a way that’s not possible with traditional network controllers. Collect data from every access point and create end-user experiences that are unbeatable.

end-user experience

  • Increase customer and staff engagement
  • Personalised location services without locator beacons
  • Find sales assistants and colleagues easily
  • Customise greetings upon store/office entry
  • Turn-by-turn directions for customers, staff or guests
  • Consistent and reliable experience across all devices and clients
  • Supports guest access with captive portal, SMS and social media login

Increase business revenue

  • Real-time traffic heatmaps
  • Historical data on traffic patterns for behavioural insights
  • Improve product placement based on customer activity
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Save time by checking customers in during the queuing process
  • Push notifications to staff that identify customer location for better service
  • Drive customer behaviour by pushing relevant offers, such as coupons, when customers are in-store

Detailed analytics for optimisation

  • Monitor customer/client visits and dwell times in each store
  • Drill down into zone-traffic patterns and identify congestion points
  • Understand traffic patterns for effective resource planning, such as conference rooms
  • Predict capacity issues before they arise
  • Detailed performance metrics, such as throughput, capacity, roaming and uptime

Optimise IT asset management

  • Lower operation IT costs
  • Easy to set up and manage, resulting in quick branch rollouts
  • Simplify troubleshooting with the built-in Marvis AI virtual assistant
  • Shift away from traditional network controllers to a cloud-based system
  • Set, monitor and enforce SLEs
  • Trigger HVAC, security cameras and IoT based on location of users/staff
  • Integrate with your business digital technologies using the open APIs

Send alerts and proximity notifications in real-time.

  • Send greetings when clients or customers arrive onsite
  • Unlimited virtual beacons allow you to create push notifications for anywhere
  • Personalise the mobile experience with contextual notifications and offers
send real-time notifications to customers and clients when they enter the store or building
businessman analysing data

Gain detailed insights with in-depth analytics

  • Monitor traffic patterns and dwell times – identify areas of congestion and anticipate capacity issues


Take advantage of Open APIs for full automation or integration

  • The Mist platform is 100% programmable to seamlessly integrate and automate with other products.
  • Easily configure all sites in minutes without errors.

Integrated AI help desk

  • Marvis is an AI help desk that uses machine learning to perform functions like anomaly detection and event correlation
  • Rapidly solve network issues by leveraging APIs to trigger customised workflows

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