Light. Portable. Fast.

Mediaport R IP bonding router side view
Where an application is constrained by size, weight and power (SWaP), Mediaport® products fit the bill. Designed for rapid-deployment, Mediaport® devices are user-friendly, lightweight and portable.


Mediaport® Products

mediaport lte ip bonded router


Bonds 4 4G/3G mobile broadband connections and 1 Ethernet WAN.

Built-in rechargeable battery and built-in main antennas enables 6 hours of operation on its internal battery. Battery recharges when device is connected to external mains or DC.

Mediaport R rugged, lightweight device


A ruggedised IP67-rated device that bonds up to 5 connections: 4 4G/3G and 1 Ethernet WAN.

Compact and lightweight at 1.2 kg (2.65 lb), Mediaport R can be powered by mains, external DC, or direct-mount MBITR batteries. Up to 12 hours operation when fitted with 2 6.8Ah batteries.

Mediaport Doris integrated video survellance system


An integrated video surveillance solution with Viprinet bonded cellular backhaul. Comprising Vemotion video encoders on an industrial PC, DORIS bonds 4 4G/3G networks and 1 Ethernet WAN and includes HD-SDI, PAL/NTSC, and IP camera inputs, assignable serial and GPIO, and encrypted internal storage.

DORIS is ruggedised, IP67 rated, and can be powered by direct-mount MBITR batteries, external mains, or DC.

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