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Signl is there for you if you do not yet know exactly what the cloud can mean for your organization.
We know better than anyone how the cloud can be effortlessly implemented, how the cloud can meet your business needs and how it can help you achieve your business goals.

Experienced team

Our team is experienced in transferring businesses of all sizes transfer to cloud infrastructure.

Application assessment

Our consultants look at your existing application infrastructure, and match it to your needs.

Transformation blueprint

Our team develops a robust strategy that will take your applications into the future.


We use a comprehensive digital plan to guide your data transformation.

Discover your needs ​

Let us guide you in migrating your application landscape to the cloud. 

We advise you which applications you should replace with public, private or SaaS based solutions and which you need to redevelop for the cloud. Our consultants have the answers to your questions, supported by business cases.

business team doing planning in a meeting

Detailed Roadmap

Now that you know which parts of the application landscape you need to migrate to the cloud, our migration team is planning a migration roadmap that matches your objectives. 

With clear steps, we ensure that you maximize the benefits of the cloud and minimize the risks on the road.

Application migration

Migrating applications and data to the cloud requires implementation with an agile approach. 

Re-hosting, re-platforms and re-factors of applications is our daily business, so you can focus on the daily business. With the certainty that you will stay ahead in your industry.

A little light can lead the way to great things.

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