Scalable. Secure. Seamless.

Celerway products are designed for performance and mass-deployment, at a price that is unmatched in the market. With resilient and secure connections, intelligent traffic balancing, and seamless failover, you can be sure your business will remain connected.


Celerway Products

Celerway Arcus


Built to handle rugged environments. It supports an extended temperature range and a wide range of voltages. It’s the perfect match for use in transportation, live events and media production.

Arcus intelligently balances traffic load across up to 7 WAN connections and is 5G-ready. It contains two 4G modems, and a third modem for earlier cellular standards. This ensures your technology investment is both backwards-compatible and future-proofed.

Celerway Pileus


Designed to be scalable and support industries that also need speed and resiliency.

With an intelligent load balancing capacity of up to 1Gbps, across up to 5 WAN connections (2 cellular, 3 ethernet, plus integrated WiFi), Pileus is built for small businesses, construction sites and retail.

Two units can be stacked into a single router setup to enable an expansion to support four 4G cellular connections and 3 ethernet connections.

Celerway Cumulus

cumulus DUEL

Where resilient and persistent uptime and backups are critical, Cumulus Duel fits the bill. Designed with M2M, healthcare industries and IoT in mind, Cumulus Duel supports a load balancing capacity of up to 95Mbps.

One 4G modem, 5 ethernet ports and integrated WiFi access create a system that supports up to 6 simultaneous WAN connections.

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Celerway Fractus


Small businesses that need special uptime and 4G backup will find Fractus is the perfect solution to their needs. 

Fractus features resilient, high-quality broadband with 950Mbps load balancing. One 4G modem, 5 ethernet connections and integrated 5Ghz/2.4Ghz WiFi access supports up to 7 WAN connections.


Designed for transportation use cases, where ruggedness is critical. Ideal for bus companies, trains, media industry vehicles, and emergency response vehicles.

Calvus has an extended temperature range and terminal block. High-quality, resilient broadband is provided through two modems and dual-band WiFi.


Cirrus is suited to retail, logistics, digital signage and M2M industries, providing resilient up-time across up to 7 simultaneous WAN connections.

Cirrus features 2 LTE modems, 5 ethernet ports and built-in 2.4GHz WiFi, with 95Mbps load balancing capacity.


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