Adapt and thrive: overcome the challenges of a remote workforce with Celerway Mobile SD-WAN solutions

Celerway SD-WAN solutions enable your team to work remotely with secure, reliable connections

Over the last few weeks, businesses have had to rapidly pivot to remote work. While this was initially seen as a measure to keep businesses functioning during an unprecedented time, people are now predicting that remote work will become the accepted norm once this crisis dissipates.

This sudden adjustment to remote work has brought about new challenges for SMEs. The IT services required to meet the demands of a remote workforce must also keep corporate data and devices safe.

Signl offers the perfect solution for companies needing flexible networks for their remote employees. The Celerway mobile SD-WAN platform was built specifically to handle the challenges of adapting IT infrastructure to fit a remote workforce.

Make unpredictable remote work environments work for your business

No two remote workplaces are the same. Unlike a central or branch office, every employee has a unique setup. Wired DSL or fiber connections vary in quality and bandwidth and can be impacted by other users in the same household.

Equipping remote employees with robust Celerway routers ensures reliable connectivity, through a combination of residential connectivity, and one or more 4G connections.

Celerway’s leading-edge capabilities enable maximum use of a wired connection, with specified rules for traffic and carriers over the 4G connection.

For those employees who travel and do not always have access to a fixed, secure connection, a Celerway router can combine simultaneous 4G connections to provide reliable, secure connectivity. Connection resilience can be further enhanced by using SIMs from a range of cellular providers.

Celerway was built for the flexibility that remote work environments require. Routers can be configured for various scenarios as required. For example, it is possible to control cellular data costs and prioritise businesses-critical applications by setting specific WAN policies that match specific traffic types, with specific WAN connections.

Rather than use the classic approach of Quality of Service (QoS) to assign traffic from each application or user to each link, Celerway manages bandwidth resources, benefiting all applications and users. By configuring Celerway routers with Smart Queue Management, bandwidth usage can be optimised across all users.

This means that, for an employee working from home, for example, they will not be hampered by latency and jitter, and neither will other members of the household.

Celerway actively preempts network degradation as part of its failover protection, thus enabling virtual collaboration and video conferencing to continue uninterrupted.

Protect your business from cyber security risks

Remote work requires additional considerations for cyber security. Company data needs to remain secure as it is transferred between remote locations and the company network.

Celerways VPN with Phantom uses dynamic load balancing by leveraging multiple simultaneous networks. CelerwayOS always chooses the best available network by monitoring each network against dozens of parameters. Not only does CelerwayOS retain the original IP address during network switching, but the process is also seamless, so there are no changes in application performance for the user. 

Celerway routers can also work alongside existing VPN solutions. It is up to you whether to utilise the Celerway VPN or use another protocol, such as IPSec or OpenVPN. Regardless of the VPN used, load balancing and failover will continue to work seamlessly.

If your employees are accessing your company’s virtual machines over the cloud, Phantom and dynamic switching guarantee uninterrupted end-to-end secure connectivity.

Complex remote work deployments made easy

Helping employees get set up on routers in their remote locations can be resource extensive and frustrating. Celerway has overcome these challenges with plug-and-play deployment that is easy for the user. 

The routers are with protected licence keys generated in Nimbus, Celerway’s cloud management platform. During setup the licence key is activated remotely, which protects the routers from being hijacked, and the router then downloads the latest firmware. This ensures that your routers are protected with the most up-to-date security features. Other solutions may arrive at the customer with outdated software and security vulnerabilities, because they can spend weeks or months sitting in storage before being sent out.

Celerway routers work out of the box with standard configuration, but they can be custom configured for your unique remote working environment. Once the routers arrive at your employees’ locations, they simply plug them in to start working. No downtime is required for user training or IT support, saving money and resources required elsewhere.

If you are looking to pivot and adapt your business to remote work, Signl’s team of professionals are ready to answer your questions about Celerway and help deploy a custom solution for your needs. Give us a call now to find out more.

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